Burla 52 St', Ramat Aviv
Addition of two stories on existing construction of the Technology College of Architecture and Design. Original construction includes: 1 basement story + 2 above ground stories. The existing construction: The construction is based on foundation slabs and the basement is partial. The lobby story floor is a floating floor. The lobby has a patio with a sky light. The basis and poles check showed that most of the basis can't carry more weight without strengthening them. Furthermore, each basis is only 4 meters deep, and the structures' resistance to horizontal
forces is not enough for the extended construction. The time schedule was tight. The intention was to start construction at the beginning of summer break in order to populate the building as soon as possible. But due to the above findings it was clear that strengthening the basis required digging 4 meters deep on the entire site, destruction of the floor and risking finding out that the situation on site is different than on paper. Meaning - a waste of time and money. Therefore, we suggested designing an independent structure that would not load on the existing building but strengthen it. This construction is standing on an exterior set of poles surrounding the existing building + 4 more in the patio. The patio poles rise to the height of 15 meters, above them beams with consoles of 4.5 meters. From these beams hanging poles that carry the two new top stories.
Location: Holon
Developer: Academic Institute Holon
Architect: Bar Ershkovitz Architects
Project Manager: Tibi Spingold
Time: 2002

Further details of the Technology Institute Holon - Ayalon Building

Technology Institute Holon - Ayalon Building