Burla 52 St', Ramat Aviv
50*50 meter lot in a crowded business and recreation area in Ramat Gan. 3 basement stories, 6 stories above ground level. Purpose: office building.
Foundation: reinforced concrete. Toughening system: sub-structure Type of soil: clay (red soil) Type of foundation: piles Type of reinforcement: slary walls Existing ground water level - 0.5. Maximum expected - 2.5. Ceiling - type and thickness:" IZOKAL" ceiling- 30-40 cm. thick. Poles: reinforced concrete Sub-structure: wall thickness: 20-30 cm. concrete type: B40-B30Reinforcement next to existing constructions by slurry walls and temporary bar anchors.High ground water level (working in the basements required pumping). In addition, staging area was very small. Sites offices were hanging off slary walls on street level. Piles drilling and foundation was done on street level (9 meters above basement level).On 2 side locks that border with the paved road there is an expropriation of 3 meters on ground level, so that the floor of the upper basement carries 3 meters of dirt filling plus paved road and pavement.
Location: Ramat Gan
Developer: Zaliah Rotshild
Architect: Odad Rapaport
Project Manager: Zaliah Rotshild, Sheli Davidov

Further details of the South African Building

South African Building